January 21, 2022
What Are The Ongoing Memecoins You Should Keep An Eye On In 2022?
2021 was a prosperous year for all cryptocurrencies, especially for memecoins. After entering the market, memecoins quickly got traders’ attention, which eventually created vast waves of trends and new cryptos. Also, billionaire influencers, crypto experts, and enthusiasts endorsed a massive growth behind the popular memecoins. […]
January 19, 2022
Bull and Bear Market: 2021 Revision & What Can Happen When 2022 Emerges?
As 2021 comes to its end, the behavior of Cryptos also varies, taking into account several factors. Those factors are primarily unpredictable and immeasurable, yet it is possible to estimate some expected and fundamental outcomes which can most likely be expected in the behavior of […]