This website (the “Website”) is managed and operated by Regal RA DMCC. This Privacy Policy applies in relation to your use of Regal Assets Website and in the administration of your Regal account.

Regal RA DMCC (“we” or “us”), take your privacy seriously. We’re committed to protecting the privacy of any personal data you give us, and we will comply with all relevant data protection legislation.

Our philosophy about the way we use the data you share with us and the way that we communicate with you is to put your interests first. When you hear from us it will be because we believe we have something of importance or interest to say. When we do communicate, we will always aim to be respectful, relevant and appropriate. If at any time you don’t feel we’ve lived up to our philosophy, please let us know straight away by getting in touch with us by using the details set out in the “Contact Us” section.

Please take the time to read this Privacy Policy as it is important for you to understand how we collect and use your data when you use Regal Assets. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and store the personal data you provide to us. References in this Privacy Policy to “personal data” mean data that relates to you and that identifies or can be used to identify you, which might be your name, email address, or other digital identifiers relating to you, such as cookies, IP addresses or logs.

For the purposes of data protection laws, Regal RA DMCC is a “data controller” of personal data that is collected, used and/or otherwise processed in conjunction with the use of the Website. That means, among other things, that we control how the personal data relating to you that we hold is used, and we have certain obligations under data protection laws in doing so. Our address is Regal RA DMCC, Almas Tower 36F, JLT, Dubai, UAE.

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time and, if it does, the most up-to-date version will always be available on

We are pleased to give you access to the Website and, in return, we may collect, use and share your personal data. We will only use your personal data for our purposes in a manner permitted by relevant data protection legislation, which may include:

  • In your legitimate interest (for example, to personalize the Website and its features in order to give you the best user experience).
  • To authenticate your identity when accessing services.
  • Where you have explicitly requested (for example, by actively signing up to receive the Regal newsletter).
  • Where we are under a legal obligation to do so (for example, in order to comply with data law).

Cookie Policy

Cookies are tiny pieces of data that are sent to your computer by a website and stored on your computer. Cookies are non-executable and cannot be used to install malware. They allow websites to recognize visitors when they return and include basic information about them that is checked and updated every time you visit the website.
We use cookies to improve your experience on the Website, and to recommend content that may be of interest to you.

Information we collect for our newsletter

If you want to receive our newsletter, we will collect the personal data from you necessary to deliver the newsletter service, namely your email address, city, name and what you are interested in hearing more about. We aim to send our newsletter on a monthly basis. This is in addition to the information we collect in accordance with the cookie policy above.
You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the email or by emailing us at

How else we use your information

We may also use your information (including personal data) for the following purposes:

  • To help us make the Website and other related content available to you (please see the “Shared information” section below for more information).
  • To make the Website more relevant for you and our other visitors. This includes sometimes requesting personal data from you to help us run and develop our site and associated functions.
  • To send you our newsletter if you have signed up to receive it.
  • To carry out occasional surveys to analyze our user base, to help ensure the Website provides everything that you are looking for.
  • To check whether you are eligible for a competition or offer.
  • To comply with the law.

Information Retention Policy

We will only keep your information only for as long as we need it to keep providing you services, maintaining a record of transactions and interactions for regulatory purposes, or until you request its deletion.

You can request that we delete your personal data at any time.

Shared information

We may share your information only if:

  • We are required to do so to comply with a contractual obligation or legal requirement or with the directions of the courts or other authorities.
  • We feel it is reasonably necessary to prevent illegal activity or to protect our interests.
  • We feel that other Regal Assets products and services may interest you.

We may share some aggregated, anonymized statistics and customer profiling information with third parties and other Regal Assets entities from time to time, but you will not be personally identifiable from this data.

We will never rent or sell our users’ details to any other organization or individual.

Site Security

We follow strict security procedures to manage how your personal data is stored and used, and who sees it. All personal data you share with the Website will be located behind a firewall. We take security extremely seriously but as no system is 100% secure, we can’t completely guarantee the protection of your personal data, any more than any other organization. So, we can’t accept any liability for the loss, theft or misuse of the personal data which you’ve registered on the Website if there is a security breach.

What are my rights?

You have the right to stop using the Website at any time. Please note that, in these circumstances, we may still keep your data for a time, as set out in the “Information Retention” section.

You also have the following rights when it comes to our handling of your personal data:

  • Right of access – You have the right to request a copy of the personal data we have about you and to request supporting information explaining how the personal data is used.
  • Right of rectification – You have the right to request that we rectify inaccurate personal data about you that we have.
  • Right of erasure – You have the right to request that we erase all of your personal data (subject to legal obligations.)
  • Right to restrict processing – In some situations, you have the right to request that we do not use the personal data you have provided.
  • Right to data portability – You may have the right to request that we provide you with certain information that you have provided to us in electronic format or to provide that information to a third party.

To exercise any of these rights, please email:

Linked Websites

The Website may contain links to other websites, over which we don’t exercise control. We cannot take any responsibility for any information you give linked websites. Other sites have different privacy and security policies and terms and conditions, so we advise you to read them before using those sites.

Last Material Update: 5th May 2021